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Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters, 7th Edition

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You’ll find your voice and experience communication success with INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION: EVERYDAY ENCOUNTERS, 7E. Award-winning author Julia T. Wood presents a pragmatic introduction to the concepts, principles, and skills of interpersonal communication–helping you build the skills you need to become a better communicator. You’ll also read about such timely issues as the ethical challenges and choices that affect interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence and forgiveness, interracial relationships, safe sex, ways to deal with abuse from intimates, race-related differences between conflict styles, and the power of language.

  • A robust CourseMate features a variety of resources that are mapped to key communication learning concepts as well as to specific chapter learning lists. Resources include an enhanced eBook, audio study tools, chapter downloads, interactive video activities, self-assessments, and Web resources available with the text.
  • Findings from more than 175 new sources reflect the latest research, such as the impact of validating communication between parents and adolescent children, new research demonstrating the success and failure rates of long-distance dating relationships, new coverage of forgiveness in relationships, and new attention to “family words” (invented words that enhance family cohesiveness).
  • The “Engage Ideas” feature provides an increased emphasis on active learning and workplace application. At the end of each chapter, two questions are included–one question to engage students in active learning and one question to encourage students to connect chapter material to workplace content.
  • “Assess Your Learning” review questions invite students to engage actively in further reflection and discussion of ideas.
  • There is an emphasis on active learning with the “Everyday Applications” margin feature. The “Everyday Applications” icons point students to additional active learning exercises at the end of the chapter.

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